Have you or a loved one always wanted to learn how to sail?

Are you looking for an original gift for that adventurous someone in your life? 

Now is the Time!

Whether it be racing on Lake Erie, cruising to the Toronto Islands on Lake Ontario or chartering your own boat in the tropics, learning to sail will provide you with a skill that will give you years of adventure and recreation.

Western New York is blessed with not one but three wonderful sailing grounds – Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the lower Niagara River. From now until April 30th, 2018 we are offering an incredibly affordable way to receive professional sailing instruction and have access to at least seven boats on all three of our sailing grounds.

Why own a boat when you can have access to seven boats on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario without the hassles of boat ownership?

From now until April 30th a partnership between Youngstown Yacht Club and Sail-Buffalo is offering our best deal ever. For just $1,250 you get all of the following:

  • Professional sailing instruction and American Sailing Association “Basic Keelboating” and “Coastal Cruising” certification – a $995 value.
  • Initiation fee for the Sail Buffalo boat share program – a $600 value
  • One year membership for the Sail Buffalo boat share program with access to six sailboats located at the mouth of the Buffalo River – a $725 value
  • Initiation fee to become a regular member at Youngstown Yacht Club located at the mouth of the Niagara River – a $750 value. As a regular member you will have access to all of the Youngstown Yacht Club’s facilities as well as access to over 100 reciprocal clubs. Regular membership is subject to $134 monthly dues.
  • Access to the Youngstown Yacht Club’s 30 foot club sailboat – a $1,353 value.

That is a total value of $4,423 for only $1,250. WOW! Learn to sail then take advantage of all of the beautiful sailing grounds that western New York has to offer without any hassles or expenses of owning your own boat. After a nice afternoon of sailing you can enjoy a nice meal at the Youngstown Yacht Club or simply hang out at the bar for a drink with your friends. For more information call Tim Overdorf at (716) 628-7130 or email him at